Q & A and Rules

What are your working hours?

Monday – Thursday. 8am-2pm But I’m available all day to answer questions.

How do I go about purchasing a design?

You can contact me through facebook or email. ashm3966@gmail.com

How do I pay for a design?

Once Contact is made, I will need a little bit of information from you. Paypal email. Normal e-mail. Whatever changes you are wanting made. Price will be discussed. I invoice through paypal.

Do you have a contract?

Yes it is attached to the paypal invoice. Please read it. Upon paying the invoice you agree 100% to what’s listed in the terms and conditions.

Do I need to add you to my copyright page?

Yes. Since I did the Cover you are using for your book I would very much like to be acknowledge for that. Book Design by Infinity Book Covers https://infinitybookcovers.com/

Can I purchase a Cover without the text?

Yes. But be sure to mention that I only did the art work not the text on the copyrighted page.

Can I purchase the design file?

Yes. That would be $200.00. But I design with Affinity Photo. That might be a problem for whoever is opening the design file.

Where do you get your images from?

I purchase each and every image from a stock site. I use several. The licence I purchase is for unlimited e-book use and web. BUT If anything is printed it’s good for 500,000 copies after that an extend licence MUST be purchased. IF not both me and you will be held to the copy right laws. Please don’t let this happen.

What can I use the Cover for that I purchased from you?

Covers are only allowed to be use for you book or any promotional items you need. Once the cover is purchased it belongs to you. Meaning, you can use it on banners, for your book, promo/teasers, paperback, bookmarks, your website. Of course I would love if you came back to me for those things 🙂 But you do not have too.

What happens to the Pre-Designed Cover once I purchase it?

  • Once the invoice is payed it gets marked as sold and shared on my facebook page and facebook group. It gets taken out of the Available Cover Folder on my facebook group and taken out of the shop on my facebook page.
  • I send a copy of the pre-design cover as is to you after the invoice is payed for your records. Along with a google doc.
  • It also gets re-moved from my available covers on this site and moved to the sold page.
  • I check at the end of every month to see if the Cover is available on Amazon or any other book site. If it is, then it gets moved to The Authors tab with the updated version and a link to the book itself.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Once a pre-design cover is purchase and paid for I do not offer any refunds. Nor do I offer any refunds on bookmarks, promo/teasers, banners, standing banners. 3D Graphics.

Can I purchase something other than a Cover?

Yes. Everything on the Products page can be purchased separately.

I’ve purchased a pre-design in the past and am ready to have it titled and my author name put on. What do I do?

You can contact me either through facebook or the contact page or email. ashm3966@gmail.com Or this google doc. https://forms.gle/SXG21WDZy5p8pNM89

Are Pre-Designed Covers Sold as Is?

  • No. Covers are not sold as is.
  • Covers are Sold only once.
  • Hair Color, Eye Color, Color Scheme, Font, Font Color, and Background; Can all be changed for an additional fee.
  • Single Covers: Colors, Model Position, and text can be changed to turn into a serial. $15.00 per change.
  • Some Single Covers can be turned into a Series for an additional fee. Different factors make up the total cost.
  • Cover Packages are available upon request.

What are Cover Packages?

Reduced Price if you purchase more than one Cover Format or add anything to go with your book cover. Banners. Promo/Teasers. Bookmarks. 3D Graphics. Price depends on the pre-made price and how many items you are getting. For Example: I purchase a Single Pre-Designed Cover that is $65.00 and the paper back add on which is $50.00. That is a total of $115.00 but I’d like to add a banner which is normally $15.00 but since I have purchase two other items. The E-book cover and paperback cover I get the banner for $7.50. Something goes for everything else. I want to add an Audio cover instead of paying the $25.00, I would pay $12.50. Everything purchased after the first two items will be cut in half except for a paperback or ebook cover. Those prices are stuck as is.

Do you format?

Yes, I do. I format with Kindle Create for Amazon E-Books only. They are nothing fancy but can have Custom Heading. $30.00 any word count for the nothing fancy. $35.00 any word count for the Custom Heading. Paperback is done using word doc and can have custom headings also. Same price. If you are uploading on another site other than Amazon I can use a different program to give you the mobi or epub. $25.00 any word count but this does not have the custom headings.

What is your turn around time?

Two to three days on anything depending on my schedule. I don’t like to work on the weekends, I spend this time with my family but if its a time crunch I can.

Do you keep the files?

Yes. I keep my files on everything. It might take me time to find them, but I do keep them. I have separate drives for everything.

Is there a time limit when I need to have my book information to you?

For anything pre-designed, no. For Customs yes. I like to have the information as soon as possible and will send a google doc that can be filled out. Same way with formatting.

Do you do Customs?

Yes. I do custom bookmarks, banners, anything for your website, teasers, promos, 3D Graphics, standing banners. If you can think it I can more than likely do it. I also do custom covers. I don’t do this very often but if it’s the right fit for me I will take it on. Custom Covers start at $90.00 for the ebook cover only. An added $50.00 for the paperback. Half is paid up front through an invoice, it is considered the deposit. I do TWO MOCK UPS ONLY. After the two mock ups are still in of need of fixing, it will be an additional $20.00 for a third mock up paid through paypal with the send money. I do not invoice for additional mock ups. Once the $20.00 is sent I will start on the third mock up. If we are on the third mock up I like to do a google hangouts screen share call. So you can see what I am doing and tell me what needs to be done differently. This sometimes takes a lot of time and results in more than one call. BUT I think it is easier on me and you. We can talk and figure out what is going wrong. How to fix it. And it saves you money and both our time from going back in fourth through emails. Also, after the screen call and we still can’t get it the way you want it, I might never get it right. I’m not prefect. These things do happen. After that you can say hey this isn’t working or I can. No hard feelings will be felt on my end and you will get half of your deposit back.


I hope I answered everything if not please contact me with your questions. The question might be added to this page if it will benefit others. Thank you so much.