You’ve put your sweat, blood and tears, you’ve put your very soul into your book. It’s your baby and it’s finally ready for the next step. Be it needing formatted. A Beautiful Cover or something extra to introduce it to the world. Banners, bookmarks, teasers, ect. I’m here to help.  My goal is to offer affordable book covers and promotional items for your books. In the drop-down tab you will find available products to choose from.  Not finding what you want or have questions you can either email me or head over to the contact page.  I hope you find what you’re looking for. 🙂 


Formatting is done simply and nothing fancy. It cost $25.00 no matter the word count. AND we Re-format a book for free if we’ve done it before. You get a mobi, and epub file. AND a PDF if you want it. To inquire about this please either email or do the contact page.


#324 promo

Pre-Designed E-Book Covers are $65.00. Wanting the paperback wrap also, Add $50.00


Banners are $10.00. You get a .jpg file for the size you need.


Promo/Teaser Images are $5.00. You get a .jpg file of the image. 

Bookmarks are $15.00 for front and back design. You get the .jpg and a .pdf sized to what you need for printing.


LOGO #34.jpg

Pre-Designed Logos are $20.00. You get each design. The main one is for banners. The Alternative and Sub can either be used for Print, (book stamping) or As a profile picture. You choose which one you want for which.