I am Ashley Marie an almost 30 something mother of two. My love of books started eight years ago. I’m a reader. I’m an Author. I’m a Book Cover and Graphic Designer. My love for all things books is a wildfire I hope never goes out!

At IBC we have many one of a kind Pre-Designed Covers to choose from, and Customs covers are always an option. I like the creating process, the art of capturing the essence of a book through its cover. It’s something that’s both authors and readers love.

I wholeheartedly support the self-published community. My goal is to offer affordable book covers and promotional items for your books.

I will try my very best to create what you need. I reserve the right to not take on a project that I know I can’t do, or that I feel won’t be up to the clients’ standard. I’m honest and will tell you point blank if that’s the case. I’m not after your money as my main goal. My goal is to help you get your book published and assist you with images that you need to accomplish that.

Needing more Information or wanting to ask questions or wanting to purchase something?  You can email me at  ashm3966@gmail.com or jump to the contact page.

I also have a facebook group for any and all who are interested.  Infinity Book Cover Facebook Group